29 December 2010

22 December 2010

adios, méxico

Last day in the sun.

20 December 2010

un día amarillo

cobá, méxico

Cobá is a very extensive (and mostly unexcavated) ancient Maya site in the Yucatán jungle, and includes the Nohoch Mul: the tallest pyramid on the Yucatán peninsula, over 130 feet high.

The majority of construction is thought to date from 500-900 AD, although some construction and repairs continued at least through the 1300s, if not to the time the Spanish conquistadors arrived.

18 December 2010

what? it's december?

Nothing like sun and upper-70-degree temps to warm the toes.

12 December 2010

after the storm

Very quiet in town today, except for the plows, trucks hauling snow, and me.

11 December 2010

21 November 2010

sunday mist

Good thing I know exactly where I'm going.

13 November 2010

perfect day for a drive

Just another November day in Minnesota.

03 November 2010

henna arm

P.S. It's much harder than you would think to take a picture of your own forearm when you have to hold the camera so far away to get it in focus that you can't look through the viewfinder.

22 October 2010

this night

October full moon.

16 October 2010

30 September 2010

oh canada

Song is "Me and Jane Doe" by Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Larger version on Vimeo here.

21 September 2010

20 September 2010

penny canyon

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania (yes, that's what they call it).

19 September 2010

two hours in burlington

Burlington, Vermont

wee man goes traveling

Found a wee man (among other things) at Basin Head beach, in PEI. He joined us for the remainder of the trip.

Wee Man at the beach.

Wee Man at the lighthouse in Victoria by the Sea, PEI.

Wee Man navigating through Maine.

Wee Man in Burlington, Vermont.

18 September 2010

acadia jaunt

Hiking in Acadia National Park, Maine.

16 September 2010

zoom zoom

Driving through Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

new scotland, continued

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia.

halò, nova scotia

Nova Scotia's Cape Breton.