27 October 2008

orvieto, italy

piedi in orvieto

Caffè break in Orvieto, Italy.
Exciting stuff, this. Guess which are tourists and which are natives.

buon giorno, italia

My first week in Italy √® finito. Five of us (my mom, dad, brother Michael, sister Melissa, and I) moseyed around Umbria and Tuscany by car and train, relaxing in our country house near Citta della Pieve each night. Highlight of the week: Civita, a tiny—dying—village perched precariously on a pinnacle in the middle of a canyon just south of Orvieto, accessed only by a footbridge from the (less-dangerously situated) neighbor town Bagnoregio.

06 October 2008

goodbye brooklyn, #05

Picknicking in Prospect Park.

goodbye brooklyn, #04

A subway escalator.

goodbye brooklyn, #03

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Slightly out of order in the time-space continuum, but I finally got this roll of film back. Judging by the three weeks it took the local lab to develop the roll, I'm guessing not many people in rural Minnesota shoot medium format film anymore.