31 May 2011

the end

Hello, friends. This Blogger platform has come to an end. You may have noticed that there have been some site design changes in the past few weeks (as well as no new posts in a while); in revamping the Hazel Street Creative (formerly A Design) site, I am switching to a Tumblr blog. I've transferred over a handful of posts from the past year to the new tumblr, and I may perhaps transfer all of them to another place at some point, but until then this will remain up... but no longer updated.

My new blog is found here: http://onhazelstreet.tumblr.com

28 February 2011

three's a crowd

That's right, three computer screens.

That's right, I'm insane.

14 February 2011

(oh-oh-oh) the sweetest thing

Came home to cookies outside my door. My dinner appetite is now blissfully ruined.

Thank you, dear friend!

27 January 2011

the introduction

Meant to take one simple photo last night of a lamp in a residential setting to use at work.

Sometimes I get a little carried away.

Also, it seems that I need to dust.

24 January 2011

so metropolitan

Desperately needed more magnets for my fridge. So I bought some magnet backs, broke out the hot glue gun, and problem solved.

Knew I collected those admission buttons for a reason.
I miss you, Met.

09 January 2011