12 October 2009

elkport revisited

Remember that little bank building that I blogged about last winter, from the once-town of Elkport, IA? I went back there this weekend to see if it was still standing... and it's not. In the above photo, it used to sit between the powerline post and the tree at the right.

The far building that is also missing from the left picture was the old high school. That building was in bad shape -- the roof had caved in -- and they were already starting to demolish it by the time I left in April. I assume that the bank was then next.

Shortly after I had posted the original photos back in February, I was informed (thanks, Jim!) that the bank building was actually used as the town Post Office for many years (I'm unsure if it was still the Post Office at the time of the flood in 2004, but I did see some letter boxes through the window, so it's possible).

The entire flood area is now a community park and campground. I don't know what kind of structural damage the bank building sustained (the outside walls looked pretty stable to my untrained eye), but it's unfortunate that it wasn't able to be saved and incorporated into the park.

The church is still standing, and looks in great shape.

07 October 2009

how to climb a tree

Step 1: Find a tree.
Step 2: Move upwards by any means possible.
Step 3: Look down. Why else climb a tree if not to see how things look from up a tree?