12 November 2008

more maltese buses

Malta's main bus terminal never failed to confuse me. Even when I had an idea where the bus I was trying to catch was, I still ended up walking around in circles before finding it. The "terminal," located just outside of Valletta's main gate, is basically a giant, round parking lot with three concentric circles of (moving) buses radiating from a giant fountain (of Triton) in the center. Presumably the bus numbers work their way around the circle in numerical order, but in walking it multiple times I have failed to find much logic to it. This doesn't mean that the wanderings aren't enjoyable, however, especially when one has an imqaret in hand, a Maltese fried pastry with a warm, date-filled center.

This bus was the last one I rode on Malta. From the outside it looked like the average elderly bus, but the driver must have just recently pimped his ride, complete with leopard-print upholstery and orange skylights, which made the whole interior glow (an effect that is unfortunately lost in this low-quality video). Add to all this the middle-aged driver's spiked hair (which I also did not get in this video), and the new James Bond theme song blasting on the radio, and my last bus ride proved highly entertaining.

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